Come On Down To Chicken N' Dough Richmond Hill For Great Wings, Burgers And Poutine!

Have you searched for the ‘best wings near me’ recently? If so, you’ve probably come across Chicken N’ Dough Richmond Hill location. 
At Chicken N’ Dough, we pride ourselves on offering the best burgers, poutine, and chicken wings to the residents of Richmond Hill!

The Story Of Chicken N' Dough Express

The story of Chicken N’ Dough started out with three friends who love food. We began our business together, wanting to find a way to bring our passion for creative and delicious food to the masses. 

Since those humble beginnings, we’ve grown a lot! 

We now have four locations in Ontario where we serve the best wings and burgers you can find!

Food brought us together and it’s what keeps us going. We love creating new combinations, delicious dishes, and exciting treats for our customers to try and love. 

Our food provides you with a new take on the staple dishes you love to tantalize your tastebuds and help make dinnertime an exciting experience.

Why not head down to our Richmond Hill location and find out why Chicken N’ Dough offers the best chicken wings, burgers, and poutine Richmond Hill can offer.

Quality Matters Here At Chicken N' Dough Richmond Hill!

To make the best chicken wings and burgers Richmond Hill residents can eat, we need to use quality ingredients, which is why we’re dedicated to using only the absolute best in our food. 

All of our ingredients are top-of-the-range and of the highest possible quality, from our cheeses to our homemade sauces. 

Our wings are marinated fresh every day so you get to eat them at their absolute peak and when you order, we make your food right then and there. 

There is no reheating, no leftovers, and nothing below the absolute highest standards here at Chicken N’ Dough.

First Time Visiting Us? Here Are Some Of Our Customers’ Favorites!

Is it your first time visiting us and you’re wondering what to eat? Check out a few of our most popular dishes and a few exciting new ideas below to find a dish that suits you.


We’ve got a few great choices for you to try out when it comes to burgers. 

If you love a beef burger, we’ve got the ‘CND Smash Burger’ which smashes together two beef patties, cheese, lettuce, and pickles for burger perfection!

For the chicken lovers out there, there’s the ‘CND Nashville Hot Fried Chicken Sandwich’ which includes breaded and fried chicken, Nashville heat, coleslaw, pickles, and our tasty house sauce, and on top of that, there are great options for fish lovers and vegetarians as well!


Our wings are our signature item which is why our wing flavour menu is so extensive.

You could try our signature ‘Butter Chicken’ wings with our secret butter sauce or you could try something a bit different, like our ‘Honey Mustard’ wings. 

If you’re not interested in either of these flavours, how about our ‘Kansas City BBQ’ wings or maybe our ‘Garlic Parmesan’ option?

Either way, you choose you will not be disappointed, but if you are still not sure speak to one of our dedicated staff members and ask for their opinion. 

They will help you choose a flavour that fits your taste buds!

Testimonials From Happy Customers!

Just because we tell you, doesn’t mean you’ll believe us when we say you’ll get the best wings and burgers here at Chicken N’ Dough!
We thought we’d share with you what some of our customers have said about their visits!

Check out their testimonials below!

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Looking for great chicken wings, burgers or poutine in the Richmond Hill area? 
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